Synergy’s consulting services become your complete guide towards home automation. We work closely with our clients to ensure they completely understand the solution they have chosen to enable them to achieve the very best with the technology installed. We pride ourselves on staying abreast of all new developments that enable us to be in a position to provide the very best of equipment and design consultancy to all our clients. While consulting our clients, Synergy becomes a company of engineers, installation experts, project managers and much more. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that we comprehend your requirements while guiding you towards what works for you. No matter what the project is or where it takes us, we let your needs and our skills shine through.

From something as simple as basic lighting control to a fully automated home, Synergy constantly evaluates and reviews its performance on and off site, driving a project towards success and ensuring on time completion. We provide each of our customers and prospective customers with complementary site surveys, design and consulting to aide in our understanding of what the specific requirement is. We will then prepare our proposed design and pricing matrix and submit this to the client.


Synergy possesses the ability to see your home as more than an architectural piece. Our design engineers study every aspect of it to deliver comfort, functionality and seamless integration all at once. We begin every project with a spark of ingenuity, by carefully observing, listening and asking the right questions to achieve the desired end result.

Our ability to generate various concepts establishes a solid foundation for a comprehensive design process. Ideas are transformed into home automation realities through the stages of concept initiation, process evaluation, design generation and finally to integration implementation.

The design tasks of any project can be daunting, but our people are experienced at designing engineering solutions with shorter lead times, greater flexibility and uncompromised results. Synergy presents its clients with room by room schematic drawings and specifications outlining what is possible in each area upon completion of the installation and what upgrades are possible for the future. Our comprehensive client briefings and documentation keeps us focused on the task at hand and help us achieve results with greater client satisfaction.

Integration & Installation

Integration and Installation
While many will claim integration and installation capabilities, very few can back that up with the training and experience of Synergy. Our expertise in integration takes the technological complication out and makes life simpler. Synergy understands every project’s integration needs and delivers harmonious integration of your whole-house audio video, lighting, security, home theater and more.


With a carefully selected staff of experienced engineers, programmers, electricians and seasoned project managers, Synergy can exceed your expectations. Relying on strong engineering design coupled with well trained installation staff, hiring Synergy will guarantee that the job gets done, right every time. With Crestron technology by our side, Synergy owns the long-term practicality and functionality of its services and vows for its success.


Project Management

Project Management
We pride ourselves in the diversity of competencies that exist within our company forming our turn key capabilities including, consultancy, engineering, software integration, installation and more. With our strong team of engineers and management staff, Synergy is able to completely project manage any installation from conception to completion working closely with owners, architects, interior designers, project planners and site managers. We orchestrate, design and implement complete refurbishments covering all automation requirements. Our well documented specifications, coupled with our wealth of experience, knowledge and complete attention to detail ensure a smooth running operation at all times. By controlling all aspects of the projects, Synergy can truly deliver superior quality, value and on time performance, not just providing project management, but taking Project Responsibility!

Client Training

Client Training
Synergy has grown from just a few individuals focused on the home automation solutions to an organization equipped with technical professionals who can conceive, design and deliver results. This unique ability has enabled us to add Client Training to our services. Our consultation sessions and the technical nature of the products and services put us in a unique position to assess the client training needs for what we offer. The wide range of products Synergy offers, each with its customized mechanics, hardware and distinctive operability requirements make it an absolute must that their users be aware of them. Our staff is well trained in the customer relationship management and client training that allows us to harvest long term relationships with them.

Maintenance & Support

Maintenance and Support

Synergy maintenance and support services can help you mitigate the risks associated with the continued operation of your home automation equipment.

Our Maintenance and Support Services portfolio contains all the right elements to fit your specific support requirements. These modules can be sold on a stand-alone basis or packaged in a tailor-made agreement. Whether you are looking to perform maintenance, repair, manage spare parts or obtain recommendations to optimize your assets, our team will assess your installation and help you identify the most suitable solution.

            • On-site Expert Assistance


            • Technical Support


            • Control System’s Software Updates


            • Preventive Maintenance


            • Spare Parts Management


            • Exchange and Repair



*terms and conditions apply on the aforementioned.

Our approach is to improve the long term reliability of your installation and make sure all operating risks are identified and appropriate actions are planned.

Contracts Typically Feature

            • Pre-paid annual maintenance


            • On-site Technician next business day


            • Bi-Annual proactive maintenance call out


            • Replacement equipment next business day


            • Free operating system software and hardware updates


            • Audio Visual repairs on site


            • Documented Engineers Report and recommendations


            • Service tracking of mind



We also offer on-call remedial technical support aside from contractual services.